3w clinic flower effect extra moisturizing cream

Join for your pass to all things beauty! After hearing great results with Olay products n watching the commercials, I began trusting the brand even more. Olay Natural White Nourish the skin with nutrients for healthy-3w clinic flower effect extra moisturizing cream natural fairness that glows.

I feel proud to be associated with Olay Natural White. I am having an oily face but thankfully I don’t have any problems with breakouts or too much pimples. I could have one or two but that’s not a problem for me. I just want to have a clear face, somewhat fairer but totally clear. Since I have some blemishes and dark spots, I believe that Olay Natural White may aid the problem and give me even quite noticeable result so I decided to give it a try. Although of no use after getting the bottle out.

The bottle itself is very classy with a translucent base. Could be easily carried in handbag. The cream soothes out well when applied and doesn’t clump at all. It’s light and silky with a mild soothing fragrance, which is very pleasant.

What I like the most about the cream is that it leaves the skin really soft and smooth. It makes for a perfect base for applying makeup. I moisturize my face 10mins prior to makeup and the result is perfect. As for the whitening effect, I did notice an improvement in my complexion after 3weeks of use. Friends literally asked me about the secret behind it. Imagine a women complimenting another woman, —WOW A BIG ACHIEVEMENT! Another plus point is the SPF-24 content.

I don’t have to put an extra layer on top. Only a pea size amount is enough. I am using this on daily basis for about 2 month but still some left to go for about 15 days more I guess. Although the product claims it can be used by most skin types, I have a slight problem with the extra moisture.

I have oily skin and when I put on the product, it not only felt greasy, it also made my face look greasy. But if you’re looking for a product that will drench you with it, this is the one to have. If you are developing wrinkles or have maturing skin, this product will moisturize and whiten but not plump out those lines. Also there is a waiting time, before u put up make up. You’ll have to wait about 3 minutes before you can put on foundation or pressed powder. Other than these I couldn’t find any other drawbacks. For people with oily skin like me, you’re better off using another product if you have huge issues with oiliness.