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This article possibly contains original research. This article needs additional citations for verification. This article describes a work or element of fiction in a primarily in-universe style. The following is an alphabetical list of the minor characters in the various versions of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, by Douglas Adams. The descriptions of the characters are accompanied by information on details about appearances and references to the characters. Agrajag is a piteous creature that is continually reincarnated and subsequently killed, each time unknowingly, by Arthur Dent. Eventually, Agrajag wishes to take revenge on Arthur Dent, diverting his teleportation to a Cathedral of Hate.

However, in the process of explaining his reasons for hating Arthur he mentions «Stavromula Beta», where Arthur had ducked to avoid a shot fired by an assassin, which then had killed Agrajag instead. Arthur, having never been to Stavromula Beta, has no idea what Agrajag is talking about, and Agrajag realises that he’s brought Arthur to the Cathedral too early. For the next few years Arthur travels the universe, secure in his knowledge that, no matter what happens, he cannot die at least until after he survives his assassination attempt at Stavromula Beta. In the novel Mostly Harmless Arthur’s daughter Random Frequent Flyer Dent holds him hostage in a London club.

When she fires her weapon Arthur dodges, causing the bolt to pass over his head and hit the man standing behind him. In Fit the Fifteenth of the radio series, Douglas Adams plays Agrajag, having recorded the part for an audiobook version of the novel Life, the Universe and Everything. At the end of the novel And Another Thing, Arthur Dent’s extreme bad luck in life coupled with cosmic balance mean that as he materialises on a planet shortly before Vogons are due to destroy it, Agrajag wakes up from a coma after six months having won the lottery and been recognised by a long lost love whilst on «Celebrity Coma». In the 2017 second season of the television adaptation of «Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency» a dog is named Agrajag with expected consequences. Alice Beeblebrox is Zaphod’s favourite mother, lives at 108 Astral Crescent, Zoovroozlechester, Betelgeuse V, and guards the true story of Zaphod’s visit to the Frogstar, waiting for «the right price. She is referenced in Fit the Eighth of the radio series.

As their names were written to suggest, every Allitnil is an anti-clone of a Lintilla. They were created by the cloning company to eliminate the billions of cloned Lintillas flooding out of a malfunctioning cloning machine. Being anti-clones, when an Allitnil comes into physical contact with a Lintilla, they both wink out of existence in a puff of unsmoke. Along with Poodoo and Varntvar the Priest, three Allitnils arrived on Brontitall to get the three Lintillas there to «agree to cease to be».

Two of the clones eliminate their corresponding Lintillas, but Arthur shoots the third Allitnil, so that one Lintilla survives. Appearing only in Fit the Twelfth of the radio series, every one of the Allitnils is voiced by David Tate. The Allitnils, like the Lintillas, do not appear in the novels nor in the BBC television series. The Almighty Bob is a deity worshipped by the people of Lamuella. Thrashbarg is often ignored by the villagers of Lamuella. Anjie was a woman, on the brink of retirement, on whose behalf a raffle was being held in order to buy her a kidney machine.