Facial smoothie foam

Join for your pass to all things beauty! Avène has been a hit brand for me and I really like the simplicity of the products. As they are targeted to certain skin facial smoothie foam I find them easier to use and they show results almost immediately.

Cleansing foam for face and eyes specifically formulated for normal to combination, sensitive skin. The gentle soap-free cleanser helps regulate excess oil and removes make-up leaving skin perfectly matte. My Experience with Avène Mousse Cleansing Foam: The packaging of the cleansing foam is simple and informative like most of their products. The pump and the body are sturdy which is important as flimsy packaging is the last thing we want from a foaming dispenser. The outer paper carton has a lot of information regarding the product.

Foaming cleanser is something I have never been curious about as I really do not feel comfortable with the concept. For the product lathering up on the face is more satisfying than it getting foamed up beforehand. The texture of this cleanser is thicker than regular foaming cleansers, which is good in my opinion, as the quantity required is less. The cleanser lathers well on the skin giving a lovely cushiony feel. It gives a squeaky clean feel to the face and keeps it oil free for 4-5 hours depending on the conditions you are in. That would end up making the skin very unhealthy.