Farm stay collagen hyaluronic acid all in one ampoule

Fifty Shades of Snail The personal K-beauty, Asian cosmetics, and skincare blog of Beautytap Director of Marketing Jude Chao, aka Fiddy Snails. Hydrate your skin and don’t forget sunscreen! Best Practices, Routine Building, Skincare Tutorials. Getting older is farm stay collagen hyaluronic acid all in one ampoule natural, inevitable, and wonderful thing.

Getting older shows that we’re surviving all the crap that life throws our way. I have very few problems with getting older and only a couple of problems with the concept of my own mortality. I am not a doctor or scientist and I am not presenting my particular anti-aging skincare system as infallible or universal. Nothing in skincare is infallible or universal except the principle of YMMV. There are things more proven to work and things less proven to work, but even that distinction is less important than the distinction between Things That Work For You and Things That Don’t Work For You. Keep your skin’s own preferences in mind. Pick and choose what principles you adopt and come up with your own.

How Clean Skin Supports an Anti-Aging Skincare Routine Morning or night, the first step in my skincare routine is a good cleanse. This basic skincare step is absolutely crucial. Different sources will give different reasons why, with one of the most interesting reasons I’ve heard being that the pollution and contaminants skin picks up during the day will cause skin-aging free radical damage if allowed to stay on skin. It does happen, not gonna lie, but I try to keep it as infrequent as I can.