Magic bb cream

Normalement, tout devrait rentrer dans l’ordre dans quelques minutes ! Facetune or whatever people use to whiten their teeth and get rid of wrinkles and magic bb cream! What you see is what you get. I mentioned the BB Blur last month after quite a few people had commented on how good my skin looked in one of my vlogs.

I was pretty surprised that anyone had noticed. Mint-Choc Magnums wreaking havoc with my face! I kid you not when I say that this is truly one of the best after photos I’ve ever had. I actually had to knock back the brightness slightly on my face because I thought that people wouldn’t believe me.

If you doubt the like-for-likeness of the photos then just compare the white of the woodwork behind my head or the patch of greenish light reflected in the glass of the fireplace. I really hope that they decide to expand the shade range. Aircilium, which can absorb up to three times its own weight in oil. It forms a supple, breathable film over the skin that leaves a really smooth surface and helps to keep the skin shine-free throughout the day.

La Roche-Posay’s BB Blur is exclusive to Escentual. Update: a guide to the shades, by popular request. I accept press samples and receive product and services to review as part of my job. Outbound links are affiliate links, which means that I receive a very small percentage of any sale made.

This looks like it does such a good job! Never got the whole BB hype, but this sounds like it is worth a try! That’s probably the best transformation ever. I find it dificult with the beauty bloggers that I follow to really pay attention to their skin care favourites as most have dry skin. I’m 37, surely I’ll go dry one day?