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Join for your pass to all things beauty! Handy spray bottle makes it easy to keep in your handbag all day for a nature republic bb skin pick-me-up anywhere! Butylene glycol, glycerin, propylene glycol, 1,2-hexanediol, poly-glutamic acid mix, etc.

Soothing Gel Mist: Most ingredients in skin care products have been replaced by complex-sounding chemicals, which do work, but I still have faith in natural ingredients which are readily available in our kitchen cabinet or a grocery store. Aloe vera is one such tried and tested and trusted ingredient which does wonders for skin and hair too. It may sound a bit absurd but what I liked about this product is how the brand is honest about aloe vera percentage in the product. Most aloe vera gels and mists claim that they are 99. The mist comes in a 150 ml bottle with a spray mechanism to dispense product directly on to face or on a cotton pad. Packaging appears sturdy and looks like it will last till I run out of the product.

Product description on the website says that it can be applied before or after makeup, but I am yet to try the later. I take a pump of product on my palm and dab it on to my face and I repeat this multiple times. This method is popular among Korean beauty enthusiasts since it helps skin absorb toner better and add more moisture. 7 Ways To Make Black Lips Pink! I prefer odor neutralizers to make application process more pleasant. It has no artificial color as well and feels just like water except that, unlike water, it sits on skin, adds hydration and a faint glow.

It is perfect for those who need an affordable and potent toner. Comes in a good sized bottle. This mist adds hydration and glow to skin. It does contain alcohol and other chemicals for the sake of preservation and other cosmetic purposes. I wish the ingredient list had fewer chemicals. Skin Type: Combination Hello everyone, In this post, I will be reviewing another cleansing product from Innisfree. It is a unique product as it is a cleansing oil and foam in one.

To know more about this product and how it fared for me, read on further. Hi IMBBians, I picked Chateau Labiotte wine lip tint in Singapore and the thing that attracted me the most was the wine bottle packaging. The shade that I picked up was OR01. It is not only a single colour eyeshdow but it is a perfect shade for contouring for very light skin tones.

This shade is available in some Palettes as well as sold individually. As I have mentioned previously, I am a huge Jeffree Star liquid lipstick fan and have quite a collection of his lipsticks. Dearest Jomol, Many happy Returns of th day. Эмульсия с восточными эестрактами NATURE REPUBLIC Yulli Emulsion. Линия содержит смешанный комплекс трав китайской медицины, экстракта шелковицы и ягод женьшеня. В линии соблюден традиционный старинный метод получения вытяжек из экстрактов растений для сохранения питательных веществ.

Сбалансированная линия для эффективного питания и увлажнения кожи. Премиум линия корректирует изменения тона кожи: пигментные пятна, тусклый цвет, покраснения, возвращает сияние, способствует восстановлению и визуальному обновлению поврежденной кожи. Эмульсия смягчает эпидермис кожи, поддерживает оптимальный гидро-липидный барьер кожи. Нанесите небольшое количество средства на кожу мягкими, массирующими движениями. Пенка для умывания с восточными экстрактами NATURE REPUBLIC Yulli Foam Cleanser 1995руб. Эссенция-Тонер с восточными экстрактами NATURE REPUBLIC Yulli Essential Toner 3685руб. Набор для ухода за кожей на восточных экстрактах NATURE REPUBLIC Yulli Essence Set 5350руб.

Набор для ухода за кожей на восточных экстрактах NATURE REPUBLIC Yulli Cream Set 5750руб. Эмульсия с экстрактом Новозеландского льна The Saem Urban Eco Harakeke Emulsion EX 1205руб. Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page. This article needs additional citations for verification. This article possibly contains original research.

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