Snail care

Snail care you have a question regarding apple snails and you cannot find the answer in the other pages you have arrived at the right spot. However, please take a look to see if your question isn’t already listed here before mailing me. And please consider posting a message in the Apple snail discussion board instead. Note that I do not mind to answer questions or to receive comments, on contrary, but it’s quite boring to get the same questions over and over again.

If you find it hard to locate specific information, go to the index page, were a keyword-based index and a site map are available. The ‘How to recognise an apple snails? The ‘Diseases’ section for information about snail-health and diseases. How do I know if my snail is an apple snail? What exactly should I feed my apple snail? I place romaine lettuce at the bottom.

Do Apple Snails eat aquarium plants? How can I see if a have a male or a female apple snail? I’m planning to buy a couple of apple snails. How to control the snails once they start reproducing? Do I need to make a place for my snail to lay her eggs? Maybe something out of the water? How big can I expect them to get?