Strawberry black sugar mask wash off skinfood

It Cosmetics It’s Your Most Beautiful Skin Anti-Aging Collection May 2018 QVC Today’s Special Value at qvc. Skinfood Freshmade Coconut Mask is one of a few new sleeping masks that the brand strawberry black sugar mask wash off skinfood a few weeks ago to the US market. I’m happy to see Skinfood has been working hard on their US presence lately by not only opening more stores in the US but also, bringing their products to major retailers like Ulta. Let’s take a peek at the Skinfood Freshmade Coconut Mask and see what the deal is!

5 oz jar this mask is meant to be used in the evening prior to heading to bed. Most people are a little confused by sleeping masks or sleep packs as they are called in Asia. This formula is contains water, silicone, glycerin, propanediol, and coconut. It has a gel-like consistency which absorbs quickly into skin but feels quite slick during the initial application. The general idea is to use it as the last step in your nightly skincare routine.

Take a generous amount and gently pat it into your skin and wait for it to absorb before heading to bed. You aren’t going to want to slather it on and just leave it there. I LOVE what this does for my skin. I typically use it three times a week and gently pat it into my skin while I’m watching the news and getting ready to head to sleep. Once it dries down I head to bed. In the morning, I simply wash it off with cool water and head into the shower.

You can visibly see how much smoother and softer your skin looks after using it not to mention it’ll ease dullness from lack of moisture so your complexion will look brighter and more refreshed in the AM. If you looking to liven up your tired skin the Skinfood Freshmade Coconut Mask is for you! Read my full disclosure statement here. I’ll be giving it a try. This isn’t a night cream, it’s a mask.

I have been using this for about a month now and I love it! Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. You can also subscribe without commenting. Copyright 2008-2018 Musings of a Muse.